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EVOLVE Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization that uplifts black and brown, same-gender loving men between the ages of 21 to 40, across Tampa Bay. The goal of the organization is to support an active network of diverse individuals, through meaningful engagement, via outlets that include: psychosocial events, empowering community discussions, health and wealth activities, volunteerism and activism.


EVOLVE: We are constantly evolving, as we seek to redefine and tweak what it means to be a black/brown same-gender loving men, professionals, accomplished individuals, leaders in the community and more. EVOLVE Tampa Bay wants to be a part of that ever-changing narrative and create positive spaces for individuals like you to feel supported, empowered and honored.

Mission Statement: To provide safe spaces for black and brown same-gender loving men, to build community, address health disparities and advocate for change.

Vision: Our vision is to create opportunities for empowerment and growth, to be used as tools to foster individual and collective sustenance. 

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